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What is False Advertising and Consumer Fraud?

Generally speaking, false advertising means publishing, transmitting, or publicly circulating deceptive or misleading advertisements in order to promote the sale of services, goods, or property.

Consumer fraud is broader. False advertising is a type of consumer fraud, but consumer fraud generally encompasses anything that involves a company acting in a way that does not give you the full value of what was promised or purchased. This also includes defective products or products that otherwise are not fit for their stated purpose. Many states, including New Jersey, make false advertising and various types of consumer fraud illegal. As a consumer, you have the right to seek monetary compensation through a personal or class-action lawsuit if you have been the victim of consumer fraud.

New Jersey has one of the strongest consumer protection statutes in the country, allowing you to recover up to three times your damages as well as any attorney’s fees (meaning you don’t need to pay for your attorney).

If you believe you have been a victim of false advertising or consumer fraud, please contact us for a free false advertising lawsuit consultation.

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How Do I File a False Advertising or Consumer Fraud Lawsuit?

If you are the victim of being tricked into purchasing a service or product based on misinformation, or otherwise being defrauded by a company, contact a false advertising attorney or consumer fraud attorney today. Glapion Law Firm offers free consultations on your false advertising and consumer fraud claims.

Under New Jersey Law, in a successful consumer fraud action, you are entitled to collect up to three times the amount you consumed in damages as well as your attorney’s fees. Contact Jeremy M. Glapion, founder of Glapion Law Firm and false advertising/consumer fraud attorney today to see if you have a case.

What is the Penalty for False Advertising and Consumer Fraud?

Companies that utilize false advertisements or commit consumer fraud face significant civil penalties, including significant monetary damages to the consumer individually and/or in a class action. Companies may also be enjoined from continuing those practices.

Can You Sue for False Advertising and Consumer Fraud?

Yes, as a consumer, you can sue for false advertisement and consumer fraud. Some common examples of false advertising and consumer fraud are:

Bait and Switch: This occurs when the product/service you purchased is not the same as what was promised in the advertisement. For example, this can include when a specific feature is missing from the product.

Credit and Financing: Companies are required to disclose all terms and conditions that apply when advertising credit rates and financing.

Deceptive Guarantee or Warranty: Consumer fraud or false advertising can occur when companies do not uphold their warranties or refunds.

Defective Product: Consumer fraud can occur with products that are simply defective, or do not work as intended. For example, if you buy a computer mouse advertised with multiple buttons, and one of those buttons either does not work or breaks shortly after purchase.

Hidden Fees: This type of false advertising occurs when a company does not disclose all of the fees and costs associated with their service/product. For example, this can include unauthorized recurring monthly fees or maintenance fees.

Misleading Labels: This common type of false advertisement occurs when a company falsely labels its product in order to appeal to the consumer. An example would be a company advertising an ethernet cable as being of a certain speed when it isn’t. “Organic” and “All-natural” are other types of frequently seen misleading labels.

Poor Quality: Companies often pretend that a service/product is of higher quality than what it actually is, which is ultimately deceptive and misleading. For example, you might order a product that breaks within days of normal use.

Suing for false advertisement requires significant experience and knowledge around consumer fraud. False advertisement attorneys and consumer fraud attorneys can work to help you get the reimbursement you deserve.

False Advertising Lawyers with Glapion Law

If you believe you have been tricked into purchasing a product as a result of false advertising or are a victim of consumer fraud, we want to help. Glapion Law Firm is committed to protecting your rights and providing you with high-quality, personal, modern legal representation. Attorney and Founder Jeremy M. Glapion graduated from Harvard Law School in 2012 and has a unique background in representing consumers.

Prior to founding Glapion Law Firm, Mr. Glapion worked for Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, a leading U.S. corporate defense law firm; Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, a leading consumer-protection law firm; and clerked for The Honorable Freda Wolfson in the District of New Jersey. This dynamic background enables him to provide you with top-quality, honest, and responsive legal representation.

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