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Consumer Fraud Acts


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Consumer Fraud Acts (CFA)

Every day, businesses across the country find new ways to defraud consumers. Whether it’s through false advertising, misleading or deceptive labeling, or other unfair means to convince you to purchase a product or service, as long as there is money to be made from fraud, unscrupulous businesses will continue to commit fraud. While it may only cost you a few dollars, it’s “a few dollars” more than what the business deserved. And when this fraud impacts thousands of people, the benefit to the business adds up.

Fortunately, New Jersey has one of the strongest consumer protection statutes in the nation. No matter the amount of your damages, as long as you can prove you were damaged, the Act allows you to recover three times that amount. On top of that, the act allows you to recover attorneys fees, meaning most attorneys, including The Glapion Law Firm, would be willing to take your consumer fraud case with little to no cost to you.

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